This website was created to combine information on feeding Dalmatians food that will prevent the formation of stones into one modern easy to navigate and understand website.

All information provided is from reputable sources, if you think we have gotten something wrong feel free to contact us!

Why this Matters

Three Rules

Maintaining a happy healthy Dalmatian isn't a harrowing task, following these three simple rules will give your Dalmatian the highest change of living a long healthy and happy life.

Purine Guide

Simple searchable table with easy to understand colour-coding breaking down purine contents of many foods. If you would like detailed information on the purine levels in food please see our Advanced Purine Guide.

Dry Food Guide

We have combined thoughts from the Dalmatian community and searched the web for dry foods suitable for our spotty friends. Along with the best ways to feed it and ways to make it a little more existing!